Established in 2007, Lingueo is a Paris-based group, which holds the, LingueoPro, and brands.

Lingueo strives to make language learning more accessible and wide-spread through the development of a more affordable and ready-to-use learning platform, which gives a wider range of people the opportunity to learn a wider variety of languages; By offering not only the more commercial English, Spanish or Chinese language programs, but also regional languages or sign languages, Lingueo showcases diversity and cultural sharing.


Lingueo’s other mission is to constantly bring an edge of innovation into language learning, making the learning experience more entertaining, targeted, and motivating. Whether by allowing students to choose their teachers, or offering specially-designed packages for travelers, Manga or fashion lovers, test-takers, or kids, our efforts are sure being acknowledged both by thousands of satisfied users, the media, as well as the commercial and political areans: