Our teachers

At lingueo.com, we make sure that you get access to the most professional and experienced teachers out there!
Our academic team has clear and strict standards that potential teachers must meet prior to appearing on our platform:

  • Years of teaching experience
  • Academic credentials
  • Professional references
  • Teaching presentations
  • Excellent communication skills: confidence, engaging lecturing, and amicability
  • High quality technical setup (excellent internet connection, webcam etc.), to ensure smooth live sessions.

Our team methodically scrutinizes candidates’ academic and professional backgrounds, performs interviews and teaching simulations, and provides them with relevant teaching guidelines.

All our teachers have completed a selection procedure, in which we take into account not only their teaching qualifications and experience but also their dialect, accent and diction.

But our job is not only to recruit great teachers; our top priority is to monitor and maintain excellence in teaching standards. In order to achieve that, we:

  • Regularly analyze and monitor students’ feedback and ratings
  • Randomly take classes with our teachers, to test for ourselves
  • Monitor and evaluate the average progress rate of students affiliated to each of our teachers